Traditional Economies Award

To showcase Métis citizens engaged in traditional economies such as beading, fishing, hunting, and artisanship.

Sponsored by: Red River Métis Marketplace

Left to Right: Jessie Pruden, Sabrina Bornkessel, Curtis Mayer, Justin Jeanson, Minister Darrel Ferland

Curtis Mayer
CM Yard Care & Firewood

Curtis Mayer is a lawn care provider and wood processer from the town of The Pas, Manitoba. For many years he has provided firewood to the towns people, including our Red River Métis elders. In the fall, you can find Curtis setting up for commercial fishing and trapping, where he loves teaching the youth the traditional ways of the Métis culture.

Jessie Pruden
Bead & Butter

Jessie is a Red River Métis artisan who makes handmade beaded jewelry and accessories. Jessie is passionate about teaching others to bead as she believes teaching her culture through beadwork is the best gift to give others as it keeps the Métis culture alive.

Sabrina Bornkessel
Lil Metis Shop in the Prairies

Sabrina is a Red River Métis artisan who sells retail products, as well as handmade beading and accessories through her online e-commerce store.

Young Entrepreneur Award

For aspiring Métis youth in business aged 18-29

Sponsored by: Louis Riel Capital Corporation

From Left to Right: Susan Stupack, Minister Richard Genaille, Cathy Clark, Evan Kastes, Kelsey Gillespie

Kelsey Gillespie
CatEyeStrophic Inc.

Kelsey is the owner of CatEyeStrophic Inc, a beauty and wellness company that offers a variety of beauty services and sells retail products as well.

Evan Kastes
Kastes Custom Landscaping

Evan is the owner of Kastes Custom Landscaping Inc, a landscaping company that specializes in everything from fences, decks, patios, full yards and grading artificial turf.

Cathy Clark
Prism Tattoo Studio

Cathy is the owner of Prism Tattoo Studio, located in Flin Flon Manitoba. Operating since 2022, she specializes in permanent tattoos, and custom work for her clients.

Sustainable Economy Award

For Métis businesses dedicated to sustainable business practice, environmentally conscience, or have adopted innovative practices and advanced technologies to improve operational efficiencies.

Sponsored by: Red River Métis Business Development Corporation

From Left to Right: Troy McLennan, Minister Joanne Remillard, Huguette Dandeneau, Justin Rodger, Devon Rank

Andreanne Dandeneau
Anne Mulaire

Andreanne Dandeneau is the CEO of Anne Mulaire, a sustainable women's clothing in Winnipeg for 20 years. Andreanne prides herself on creating clothing from Earth friendly, natural fibres. She hopes to inspire the youth to say they can be entrepreneurs, and tell their truth.

Justin Rodger
NRG Management

NRG Management is a family company that does building integrated mechanical plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and industrial process structural steel. They are one of the leading market integraters for building integrated solar.

Devon Rank
Top Rank Diamond Drilling Ltd

Devon and his wife operate Top Rank Diamond Drilling out of St. Laurent, Manitoba. They offer core sampling to the mining industry since 2006.

Infinity Women Secretariat Spokeswoman's Award

For Métis women leading in business

Sponsored by: Infinity Women Secretariat

From Left to Right: Minister Anita Campbell, Casandra Woolever, Asia Knutson, Deena Caplette, Erica Lindell

Casandra Woolever
Metis Branded

Casandra is a Métis entrepreneur who also doubles as an artist ambassador. She makes Metis focused items such as sashes, capotes, and fire bags.

Deena Caplette
Kid City

Deena is the owner of Kid City, an indoor play centre for kids, which she opened in 2010. Deena prides herself on being able to provide an affordable, fun experience, so that families of all socioeconomic statuses can come and enjoy her facilities.

Asia Knutson
Knutson Building Ltd

Asia is co-owner of Knutson Building Ltd, a core certified, fully insured, experienced construction company.

President's Lifetime Achievement Award

To showcase a Red River Métis business person with exemplary lifetime contributions dedicated to promoting Métis participation and success.

Sponsored by: Manitoba Métis Federation

Robert (Bob) Penwarden

Bob was born and raised in Selkirk, Manitoba in 1935.

He moved to Churchill in 1962 and began work as a Wire Chief at the Churchill Research Range under the contract of Pan American World Airways Missile Division until 1975. Over the years, he worked with several other companies like Manitoba Telephone System (MTS) and the nursing station in the Keewatin Region of the North West Territories.

His entrepreneurial spirit took over and in 1977 he started by purchasing the old bowling alley and converted it into the Tundra Inn with 10 rooms and operated the hotel for over 32 years. Over the years, he continued to build the hotel by adding a 90-seat dining hall, reception area, 14-person hot tub, additional rooms, new kitchen, and a 44-seat cocktail lounge. He also owned other businesses such as the Launch Pad café and bakery and a P & R Contracting business offering general contracting services.

Bob was an avid volunteer over the years. He was a member of the Fort Churchill Military Hospital board of directors between 1968 and 2009, serving as Chair of the Board for approximately two thirds of that time. Mr. Penwarden has also actively been involved in the Churchill Chamber of Commerce as President for 5 years, the Churchill Northern Study Centre and the Thompson Region Local Management Board and Chair for 5 years. Member of the Churchill Metis Local for many years and was President for six years and most recently the Chair for the Métis Economic Development Fund from 2011-2023.

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