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"We've been actively engaging with Red River Métis business owners and entrepreneurs for decades. After providing significant financial support during the COVID-19 pandemic, we've been able to put greater focus on supporting their growth and business development. There can be no doubt that we have an engaged and optimistic business community, and through ongoing consultation, we continue to create supports that best meet their needs."

"The Red River Métis have always been an economically minded, hardworking people - it's part of our culture. We've always been a part of the fabric of business in Manitoba and Canada, but now that we're able to connect the dots, we're finding new strengths and new ways to ensure that our businesses, and therefore our families, thrive and prosper. Our business owners, like our Citizens, know we have their backs. We were once the economic engine of the west, and if you're paying attention, you'll know that engine is back and revving up."

David Chartrand
President of the Manitoba Métis Federation (MMF)

A variety of supports

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At the recent Red River Métis Business Expo, several key announcements were made by the MMF to advance collective economic interests and support over 1,000 Red River Métis business owners and entrepreneurs, including:

  • Introduced the Red River Métis Business Development Corporation (Red River Métis BDC), a proud new Affiliate of the MMF
  • The Red River Métis BDC now holds all of the assets of the former Métis Economic Development Fund which holds over $5.2 million in equity investments (8) and debt financing arrangements (12) in 20 businesses.
  • Under full MMF control, the Red River Métis BDC will not only continue to offer equity financing to Red River Métis businesses and entrepreneurs, but will expand its services and supports to businesses in response to Red River Métis business needs
  • Launched the Red River Métis Business Association
  • MMF commitment of $150,000 to support the establishment of a distinct Red River Métis Business Association
  • Administered by the Red River Métis BDC
  • Guided by an Advisory Group, representing Red River Métis businesses and entrepreneurs representing urban and rural, and from a variety of economic sectors

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At Red River Métis Business Development Corporation, we are proud of our professional staff and we are committed to continually investing in our people to ensure a high level of service delivery.

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